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This web site accompanies the DOTA training course. The web pages in English have essentially the same contents as the web pages in the other languages.

The English pages of the DOTA web site contain four main sections:


What is DOTA? Information about Discipleship training On The Air (DOTA), its purpose and its method, may be found at Introduction.

DOTA manuals

There are 12 Manuals for group leaders, free for download.

For your convenience we offer these as separate lessons and supplements, which make it easier to download or to read them online.

The present version is the fourth revised edition of 2016.

You may use them for a small group of people or for private study.

DOTA radio programmes

There are 390 radio programmes in six series. They are the original programmes of 1994.

Their scripts may be found at Radio programmes.


List of topics

In addition to the manuals and the radio programmes there is an index, the List of topics, of 25 pages.

It contains a list of questions and subjects and the references to the matching sections in the 12 manuals and the 390 radio programmes.


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