What is DOTA?

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28: 19). DOTA stands for Discipleship training On The Air. The training course is intended for every person who desires to grow as a believer in Jesus Christ. The training is done via radio programmes and manuals for group leaders.

 The purpose

The first purpose is to know more about the Saviour Jesus Christ, becoming a disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ, learning from Jesus Christ and becoming more and more like Jesus Christ.

The second purpose is to learn more about the Bible, the teachings of the Bible, how to put the teachings of the Bible into practice in your life and to experience the fullness of the Christian life.

Later you may also learn about the Christian Community, which is a house fellowship (cell group) or a church; what the Christian Community is; how the Christian Community is built up through festivals and ministries; the introductions to the first Bible books in the Old Testament and the New Testament; and the explanation of the Gospel of John.

And you may learn about Christ as Shepherd and King through all the parables of Jesus Christ; the introductions to all the other books in the Old Testament and the New Testament; and the explanation of the letter to the Romans.

 The method (How to start)
The house fellowship

If you have access to the radio programmes, you could gather a small group of people in your house. It is called a house fellowship or a cell group. You could invite your family members, friends and, if possible, your neighbors to come and listen and study together.

Radio programmesDOTA radio programmes

This course contains radio programmes that are broadcast, provided as audio files, or as scripts. The first part of the DOTA radio programmes lasts for 6 months. Thereafter there are two more parts of 6 months each.

You could listen as often as you can to the DOTA radio programmes – five days every week. On every first day of the week – which might be Monday or Saturday – the radio broadcasts teachings on the gospel and key discipleship issues. On the following four days it broadcasts meditations on key Bible verses that are memorised; Bible studies on important questions in life; everything about prayer; and sharing of quiet times from the first half of the New Testament.

You may also choose to record the radio programmes and listen to them later or to meet only once or twice a week to listen to the DOTA radio programmes.

In English we only provide the scripts of all 390 Radio programmes that are grouped in six series. They are the original programmes of 1994.


DOTA manuals for group leaders Manuals

The first four Manuals for group leaders with 12 lessons each accompany the first part of the DOTA radio programmes and contain worship, meditation and memorization, sharing quiet times, teachings on discipleship, Bible studies and prayer. After the 30 minutes of a radio programme, you may use the manuals and study the same topics together. There is one manual for every six weeks of radio programmes. The five radio programmes in each week coincide with two lessons in a manual. For example, the five radio programmes of the first week coincide with lesson 1 and lesson 2 in Manual 1.

Once the first four manuals have been completed, there is a second and third set of four manuals, which correspond to the second and third parts of the DOTA radio programmes.

The manuals can also be used independently of the radio programmes and at a slower pace. That’s why we also make these 12 Manuals for group leaders available to you on this web site if you don’t have access to the radio programmes. These are the fourth revised edition of 2016.

Bible and song book

You could look up all the Bible passages recorded in the manuals and read them aloud to the whole house fellowship. Make the Bible the book you use most in your life. You could also learn to sing the Christian songs together and learn to pray together and alone.


In some languages we provide the DOTA materials on cd. They are put there as PDF files. You may read them and make copies without changing the contents.

On this web site you may find most of these materials too.


If you choose to take part in the training course, you may respond to your own church or house fellowship.

Our prayer is that the Lord rapidly increases the number of disciples, house fellowships and shepherds and that a large number of people become obedient to the faith (Acts 6: 7). May the Lord be glorified! “For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen” (Romans 11: 36).

Discipleship training On The Air

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