A course to equip people to become followers of Jesus Christ

“Go and Build Christ’s Church”
Manual 5 — Church festivals

Introduction to the four manuals for group leaders on building Christ’s Church.

Contents of Manual 5.

Lesson 1. Teaching: Christmas.

Lesson 2. Bible study: Introduction to the Gospel of John.

Lesson 3. Teaching: Good Friday.

Lesson 4. Bible study: John 1: 1-18.

Lesson 5. Teaching: Easter.

Lesson 6. Bible study: John 1: 19-51.

Lesson 7. Teaching: Ascension.

Lesson 8. Bible study: John 2.

Lesson 9. Teaching: Pentecost.

Lesson 10. Bible study: John 3.

Lesson 11. Teaching: The Lord’s Day.

Lesson 12. Bible study: John 4.

Supplement 1. A prophecy about death and resurrection of Christ in the Old Testament.

Supplement 2. Theories about life after death & Mariology.

Supplement 3. New Year’ Festival.