“Go and Build Christ’s Church”
Manual 7 — Church building ministries

Introduction to the four manuals for group leaders on building Christ’s Church.

Contents of Manual 7.

Lesson 25. Teaching: Bringing up children in the Christian family.

Lesson 26. Bible study: John 11.

Lesson 27. Teaching: Training children in the Christian family.

Lesson 28. Bible study: John 12.

Lesson 29. Teaching: Training new Christians.

Lesson 30. Bible study: John 13.

Lesson 31. Teaching: Multiplying Christians and congregations.

Lesson 32. Bible study: John 14.

Lesson 33. Teaching: Making decisions and giving advice.

Lesson 34. Bible study: John 15.

Lesson 35. Teaching: Serving according to spiritual gifts.

Lesson 36. Bible study: John 16.

Supplement 9. Discipline of children in the Christian family.

Supplement 10. Gathering facts in order to give advice.

Supplement 11. Making good plans.

Supplement 12. More spiritual gifts.