A course to equip people to become followers of Jesus Christ

“Go and Build Christ’s Church”
Manual 8 — Church restoring ministries

Introduction to the four manuals for group leaders on building Christ’s Church.

Contents of Manual 8.

Lesson 37. Teaching: Managing money.

Lesson 38. Bible study: John 17.

Lesson 39. Teaching: Exercising discipline.

Lesson 40. Bible study: John 18.

Lesson 41. Teaching: Divorce and remarriage.

Lesson 42. Bible study: John 19.

Lesson 43. Teaching: Sickness and healing.

Lesson 44. Bible study: John 20.

Lesson 45. Teaching: Satan and spiritual warfare.

Lesson 46. Bible study: John 21.

Lesson 47. Teaching: Suffering and the sovereignty of God.

Lesson 48. Bible study: Summary of the Gospel of John.

Supplement 13. Evil spirits and spiritual warfare.

Supplement 14. Angels and spiritual warfare.