Manual 10 — Entrance into God’s kingdom

Introduction. Entrance into God’s kingdom

Contents of Manual 10

Manual 10 for group leaders

Lesson 13. Teaching: A parable about the condition for entering God’s kingdom.

Lesson 14. Bible study: Romans 4:1-17a.

Lesson 15. Teaching: Parables about the responsibility for entering God’s kingdom.

Lesson 16. Bible study: Romans 4:17b-25.

Lesson 17. Teaching: Parables about God’s attitude towards the lost in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 18. Bible study: Romans 5:1-11.

Lesson 19. Teaching: A parable about outgoing love in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 20. Bible study: Romans 5:12-21.

Lesson 21. Teaching: Parables about humility in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 22. Bible study: Romans 6:1-11.

Lesson 23. Teaching: A parable about forgiveness in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 24. Bible study: Romans 6:12-23.

Supplement 4. “The narrow gate” and “the great banquet”

Supplement 5. “Children sitting on the market places”, “weather signs” and “the dragnet”.

Supplement 6. “The lost sheep” and “the lost coin”.

Supplement 7. “The return of an evil spirit” and “the two debtors”.

Supplement 8. “The defendant”.

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