Manual 10 — Entrance into God’s kingdom

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Manual 10 for group leaders

Lesson 13. Teaching: A parable about the condition for entering God’s kingdom (PDF)

Lesson 14. Bible study: Romans 4:1-17a (PDF)

Lesson 15. Teaching: Parables about the responsibility for entering God’s kingdom (PDF)

Lesson 16. Bible study: Romans 4:17b-25 (PDF)

Lesson 17. Teaching: Parables about God’s attitude towards the lost in God’s kingdom (PDF)

Lesson 18. Bible study: Romans 5:1-11 (PDF)

Lesson 19. Teaching: A parable about outgoing love in God’s kingdom (PDF)

Lesson 20. Bible study: Romans 5:12-21 (PDF)

Lesson 21. Teaching: Parables about humility in God’s kingdom (PDF)

Lesson 22. Bible study: Romans 6:1-11 (PDF)

Lesson 23. Teaching: A parable about forgiveness in God’s kingdom (PDF)

Lesson 24. Bible study: Romans 6:12-23 (PDF)

Supplement 4. The narrow gate + the great banquet (PDF)

Supplement 5. Children sitting on the market places + weather signs + the dragnet (PDF)

Supplement 6. The lost sheep + the lost coin (PDF)

Supplement 7. The return of an evil spirit + the two debtors (PDF)

Supplement 8. The defendant (PDF)

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