A course to equip people to become followers of Jesus Christ

“Go and Preach God’s Kingdom”
Manual 12 — Service in God’s kingdom

Introduction to the four manuals for group leaders on “preaching God’s kingdom”.

Contents of Manual 12.

Lesson 37. Teaching: A parable about stewardship in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 38. Bible study: Romans 11.

Lesson 39. Teaching: A parable about service in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 40. Bible study: Romans 12.

Lesson 41. Teaching: A parable about rewards in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 42. Bible study: Romans 13.

Lesson 43. Teaching: Another parable about rewards in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 44. Bible study: Romans 14.

Lesson 45. Teaching: A parable about watchfulness in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 46. Bible study: Romans 15.

Lesson 47. Teaching: A parable about judgement in God’s kingdom.

Lesson 48. Bible study: Romans 16.

Supplement 14. “The parable of faithful and unfaithful servants”.

Supplement 15. “The ten minas”.

Supplement 16. “The budding fig tree” and “the watchful servants”.

Supplement 17. Service in the Bible.

Supplement 18. The second coming of Jesus Christ.