A course to equip people to become followers of Jesus Christ

There are six series of radio programmes:

Teaching series Memorization series Bible Study series
Prayer series
Sharing from Quiet Time Introduction to Bible Books

Prayer series

Teachings of Jesus on prayer

004. God in Lord’s prayer 009. Man in Lord’s prayer 014. Truth in prayer 019. Struggle in prayer

The focus of prayer

024. Confession in prayer 029. Dedication in prayer 034. Pray for physical needs 039. Pray for spiritual needs
044. Pray for workers 049. Pray for the lost    

Prayer of people in the Bible

054. Pray for experiencing God 059. Pray for personal change 064. Prophet Elijah prays 069. Prophet Isaiah prays
074. Abraham prays 079. Daniel prays    

The practice of prayer

084. Promises for prayer 089. Conditions for prayer 094. Postures in prayer 099. Fasting in prayer
104. Persistence in prayer 109. Perseverance in prayer 114. Deliverance and prayer 119. Blessings and prayer