Videos of the DOTA course – part 2

Videos of the course – the lessons of manual 2

These videos may help you as an example how to lead a discipleship group using the DOTA manuals.

The videos below correspond to the lessons 13 to 24 in DOTA Manual 2.

The videos of the lessons 1 to 12 are on this page. They correspond to the lessons in DOTA Manual 1.

The videos of the lessons 25 to 36 are on this page. They correspond to the lessons in DOTA Manual 3.

The videos of the lessons 37 to 48 are on this page. They correspond to the lessons in DOTA Manual 4.

They are all external links to our YouTube channel.

Introduction Short introduction to this discipleship training Course (3 minutes).
 1A About the DOTA Course. What is a discipleship group? The ministry of Jesus Christ.
Lesson 13
 13A One God, one Saviour
Sharing from: John 15 – 18
Worship 7
Quiet Time
 13B Sharing the gospel, your testimony Teaching 7
Lesson 14
 14A Christ in the centre
Sharing from: John 18 – 21
Memorisation B1
Quiet Time
 14B Foundation for all relationships Bible study 2-1
Lesson 15
 15A God is the peacemaker
Sharing from: Acts 1 – 4
Worship 8
Quiet Time
 15B Christian self-esteem Teaching 8
Lesson 16
 16A Word, Bible reading
Sharing from: Acts 4 – 7
Memorisation B2
Quiet Time
 16B Christian relationship to friends Bible study 2-2
Lesson 17
 17A God is faithful
Sharing from: Acts 8 – 11
Worship 9
Quiet Time
 17B Falling in love, courtship, engagement Teaching 9
Lesson 18
 18A Prayer
Sharing from: Acts 11 – 14
Memorisation B3
Quiet Time
 18B Relationship to the opposite sex Bible study 2-3
Lesson 19
 19A God is morally perfect
Sharing from: Acts 15 – 18
Worship 10
Quiet Time
 19B Christian priorities Teaching 10
Lesson 20
 20A Fellowship
Sharing from: Acts 18 – 21
Memorisation B4
Quiet Time
 20B Relationship to marriage partner Bible study 2-4
Lesson 21
 21A God is great and creative
Sharing from: Romans 1 – 4
Worship 11
Quiet Time
 21B Person and functions of the Holy Spirit Teaching 11
Lesson 22
 22A Witnessing
Sharing from: Romans 5 – 8
Memorisation B5
Quiet Time
 22B Relationship to parents & children Bible study 2-5
Lesson 23
 23A God is gracious
Sharing from: Romans 9 – 12
Worship 12
Quiet Time
 23B Characteristics of a disciple Teaching 12
Lesson 24
 24A Review of Series B
Sharing from: Romans 13 – 16
Memorisation B6
Quiet Time
 24B Forbidden relationships Bible study 2-6