Videos of the DOTA course

Videos of the course on our YouTube channel

In 2019 we have started a weekly lesson on YouTube. See the introduction to the course (, external link).

The videos may help you by showing an example how to lead a discipleship group using the DOTA manuals.

The videos below correspond to the lessons 1 to 48 in DOTA Manuals 1 to 4.
For example, the videos  1A and  1B are together based on Lesson 1 in Manual 1,  48A and  48B on Lesson 48 in Manual 4. They are all external links to our YouTube channel.

W = Worship
M = Memorisation
Quiet Time
T = Teaching
B = Bible study
 1A W God is unfathomable Matthew 3  1B T ‘Favourite truth method’ of quiet time 1
 2A M Assurance of salvation Matthew 4–7  2B B How do I respond to God's Word? 2
 3A W God is great and powerful Matthew 8–11  3B T Concepts of the gospel – part 1 3
 4A M Assurance: answered prayer Matthew 11–14  4B B Where do I come from? 4
 5A W God is a Living Person Matthew 15–18  5B T Seven ways to use the Bible 5
 6A M Assurance of victory Matthew 18–21  6B B Who am I? 6
 7A W God is holy Matthew 22–25  7B T Prayer is responding to God's Word 7
 8A M Assurance of forgiveness Matthew 25–28  8B B Why am I here? 8
 9A W God is love John 1–4  9B T The ‘growth study’ 9
 10A M Assurance: God’s guidance John 4–7  10B B Where am I going? 10
 11A W God is my helper John 7–11  11B T Responsibilities towards one another 11
 12A M Review of Series A John 11–14  12B B How do I bear fruit? 12
 13A W One God, one Saviour John 15–18  13B T Sharing the gospel, your testimony 13
 14A M Christ in the centre John 18–21  14B B Foundation for all relationships 14
 15A W God is the peacemaker Acts 1–4  15B T Christian self-esteem 15
 16A M Word, Bible reading Acts 4–7  16B B Christian relationship to friends 16
 17A W God is faithful Acts 8–11  17B T Falling in love, courtship, engagement 17
 18A M Prayer Acts 11–14  18B B Relationship to the opposite sex 18
 19A W God is morally perfect Acts 15–18  19B T Christian priorities 19
 20A M Fellowship Acts 18–21  20B B Relationship to marriage partner 20
 21A W God is great and creative Romans 1–4  21B T Person and functions of the Holy Spirit 21
Dota 22a M Witnessing Romans 5–8 Dota 22b B Relationship to parents & children 22
Dota 23a W God is gracious Romans 9–12 Dota 23b T Characteristics of a disciple 23
Dota 24a M Review of Series B Romans 13–16 Dota 24b B Forbidden relationships 24
Dota 25a W God is limitless Genesis 1–4 Dota 25b T ‘Questions method’ of quiet time 25
Dota 26a M Nature of sin Genesis 6–9 Dota 26b B Cultural task of the Church 26
Dota 27a W God is knowable Genesis 12–15 Dota 27b T Concepts of the gospel – part 2 27
Dota 28a M The punishment of sin Genesis 16–19 Dota 28b B Evangelistic task of the Church 28
Dota 29a W God is the protector Genesis 20–23 Dota 29b T Explaining the Bible correctly 29
Dota 30a M The atonement of sin Exodus 4–7 Dota 30b B Missionary task of the Church 30
Dota 31a W God is the deliverer Exodus 7–10 Dota 31b T Using God’s words in the Bible to pray 31
Dota 32a M Salvation is a gift Exodus 11–14 Dota 32b B Goals of the Church 32
Dota 33a W God is the potter Exodus 16–19 Dota 33b T Practical applications 33
Dota 34a M Salvation by faith Numbers 11–14 Dota 34b B Leadership of the Church 34
Dota 35a W God is present (near) Deut. 11,13,16–18 Dota 35b T The Christian community, the Church 35
Dota 36a M Review of Series C Deut. 28–31 Dota 36b B Christians as a Body in the Church 36
Dota 37a W The presence of God Joshua 1–4 Dota 37b T The ‘discovery group’ 37
Dota 38a M Lordship Joshua 5–8 Dota 38b B Money in the world 38
Dota 39a W Listening to God Ruth 1–4 Dota 39b T A forgiving spirit 39
Dota 40a M Self-denial 1 Sam. 9,10,12,14 Dota 40b B Temptations in the world 40
Dota 41a W Admiring God 2 Sam. 15,17,18,22 Dota 41b T Parent-child relationships 41
Dota 42a M Serving Nehemiah 4,8–10 Dota 42b B Spiritual warfare in the world 42
Dota 43a W Thanking God Esther 2–5 Dota 43b T Discovering the will of God 43
Dota 44a M Giving Esther 6–9 Dota 44b B Suffering in the world 44
Dota 45a W Living to God’s glory Job 1,2,12,14 Dota 45b T Baptism and filling with the Holy Spirit 45
Dota 46a M Making disciples Job 38–42 Dota 46b B The fruit of the Spirit in the world 46
Dota 47a W Dedication to God Ecclesiastes 1–4 Dota 47b T Characteristics of a Christian leader 47
Dota 48a M Review of Series D Ecclesiastes 5–8 Dota 48b B Passing on leadership in the world 48