Videos of the DOTA course

Videos of the course – the lessons of manual 1

These videos may help you as an example how to lead a discipleship group using the DOTA manuals.

The videos below correspond to the lessons 1 to 12 in DOTA Manual 1.

The videos of the lessons 13 to 24 are on this page. They correspond to the lessons in DOTA Manual 2.

The videos of the lessons 25 to 36 are on this page. They correspond to the lessons in DOTA Manual 3.

The videos of the lessons 37 to 48 are on this page. They correspond to the lessons in DOTA Manual 4.

They are all external links to our YouTube channel.

Introduction Short introduction to this discipleship training Course (3 minutes).
 1A About the DOTA Course. What is a discipleship group? The ministry of Jesus Christ.
Lesson 1
 1B God is unfathomable
‘Favourite truth method’ of quiet time
Sharing from: Matthew 3
Worship 1
Teaching 1
Quiet Time
Lesson 2
 2A Assurance of salvation
Sharing from: Matthew 4 – 7
Memorisation A1
Quiet Time
 2B How do I respond to God’s Word? Bible study 1
Lesson 3
 3A God is great and powerful
Sharing from: Matthew 8 – 11
Worship 2
Quiet Time
 3B Concepts of the gospel – part 1 Teaching 2
Lesson 4
 4A Assurance: answered prayer
Sharing from: Matthew 11 – 14
Memorisation A2
Quiet Time
 4B Where do I come from? Bible study 2
Lesson 5
 5A God is a Living Person
Sharing from: Matthew 15 – 18
Worship 3
Quiet Time
 5B Seven ways to use the Bible Teaching 3
Lesson 6
 6A Assurance of victory
Sharing from: Matthew 18 – 21
Memorisation A3
Quiet Time
 6B Who am I? Bible study 3
Lesson 7
 7A God is holy
Sharing from: Matthew 22 – 25
Worship 4
Quiet Time
 7B Prayer is responding to God’s Word Teaching 4
Lesson 8
 8A Assurance of forgiveness
Sharing from: Matthew 25 – 28
Memorisation A4
Quiet Time
 8B Why am I here? Bible study 4
Lesson 9
 9A God is love
Sharing from: John 1 – 4
Worship 5
Quiet Time
 9B The ‘growth study’ Teaching 5
Lesson 10
 10A Assurance: God’s guidance
Sharing from: John 4 – 7
Memorisation A5
Quiet Time
 10B Where am I going? Bible study 5
Lesson 11
 11A God is my helper
Sharing from: John 7 – 11
Worship 6
Quiet Time
 11B Responsibilities towards one another Teaching 6
Lesson 12
 12A Review of Series A
Sharing from: John 11 – 14
Memorisation A6
Quiet Time
 12B How do I bear fruit? Bible study 6